Why is Zhukov so respected by the Mongols.

Zhukov’s statue in UB

Short answer: Because Mongols have a mature way of thinking. We do not throw away things just because they are not politically correct anymore. We appreciate and respect foreign soldiers who died in Mongolia fighting alongside ours. We don’t forget our friends and never our enemies.

Longer answer:

Mongols are so taken up with the exploits of Zhukov that they have his museum as well. It is the first museum to Zhukov ever built, and is the only museum in his honour that is operating outside of Russia.

This museum was established in 1979 at the 40th anniversary of the Khalkiin Gol battle. I think it is a fitting tribute to the most famous Soviet general whose career grew up rapidly after his decisive defeat of the Kwantung Army in 1939. How else should we honour the recipient of the Hero of Mongolian People’s Republic (MPRP)?

Even though the Khalkyn gol Battle was in 1939, there were regular skirmishes between Mongolian and Kwantung Army units since 1936. The first recipient of the Hero of MPRP was awarded to a Sergeant from Border Guards for his actions against Kwantung army units in 1936.

So it was not a warmongering propaganda from the authorities. The situation was critical. It was so critical that we had a standing army that equaled 10 percent of the population of Mongolia. Fully 50 percent of the Government budget was used for preparation of war. Can you imagine spending 50 percent of the budget on war preparation? Even though Kwantung army was soundly defeated in 1939, there was no guarantee that it would not attack again.

So to summarise, Marshal Zhukov’s statue is a recognition of the military assistance of the then Soviet Union to Mongolia. Times were different but the blood and sacrifice is something that we continue to remember.

Now I will tell you something that you probably didn’t know. Unless you read one of my posts that is.

Mongols like balance. If we reward one person (Zhukov) we should also reward the general who led Mongols in 1945 as well. General Pliyev’s statue was erected on November 15, 2017 close to the Memorial to Soviet-Mongol Friendship. General Pliyev, commanded Soviet-Mongolian Cavalry-mechanized group when it was fighting against Japanese Kwantug Army in 1945. He was also the recipient of Hero of MPRP.

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