6 drinks Mongols like to drink.

Mongols traditionally don’t drink water. Don’t ever offer water to Mongols, unless it is asked for. It would be taken as an insult. They would think you are the stingiest person alive. What we drink, however, depends on the weather.

In the winter, a Mongolian family would offer you a salty milk tea (сүүтэй цай) . Its hot, delicious, and perfect for cold weather.

In the spring, when the livestock doesn’t produce milk, you would probably be offered black tea (хар цай). It is similar to milk tea minus milk.

In the summer, you might be offered hyaram (хярам). It is basically water with milk and a pinch of salt. It is light and tastes great when it is hot outside. It is even better if drunk cold.

After June, when mares start producing milk in sufficient quantity, you would be offered airag (айраг) . It is a fermented horse milk. That’s what we have been waiting for all year. Time to relax and enjoy the drinks.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might be offered a milk tea with dumplings and dried jerky (банштай сүүтэй цай). Yummy.

After the meal, a host might bring out a milk vodka. It is soft and tastes a little bit oily and warm. Don’t drink it in one shot, drink it slow and take time to enjoy it.

I have left out the obvious drinks such as milk and yogurt as they are self explanatory

A Mongol from the land of Blue skies. www.mongoliaFAQ.COM

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