Anand Nyamdavaa
2 min readJul 31, 2020


If socialism was so great, why are there no people praising it?

Grandma living in a shackle

It is a case of survivorship bias. It is a tendency to read about the people on internet how they survived socialism and became successful, without the regard of people who clearly lost when the socialism collapsed. Reading only successes leads to not understanding and getting the whole picture.

The group of people who really suffered from the fall of the socialism were the people who were in the 50s and above. It is difficult to learn a new profession when you reach the retirement age. The retirees in the 90s also suffered the most during the resulting economic collapse: hyperinflation, re-evaluation of the ruble/tugrigs, financial crisis etc. Even now a retiree from the 1990s gets two to three times less pension than a person who was retired in 2020.

A retiree from the 1990s is less likely to be writing on Medium, much less reading it. There are all kinds of obstacles: from knowing different language (English), computer literacy, to not being able to afford electronic devices.

In the picture above a 90 year old lady who lives in a shackle close to a market. She would make a living by selling hot tea in the market. In her younger days she used to be a high level party official, but because of the fall of socialism she has to survive by selling tea. There are many retirees like her, though most survive because their sibling or relatives take care of them. I am sure she has a lot to say about the benefits of socialism.

A group of young people learned the difficult circumstances the old woman was living and they made a charity drive to help her. With the collected donations they built this small house for her.

new house