dancers during Naadam performance

Mongolia celebrates its annual nomadic sports event on July 11–13. We celebrate Naadam to honor the 2229th anniversary of the establishment of the Mongol State, the 814th anniversary of the founding of the Great Mongol Empire and the 99th anniversary of the People’s Revolution.

This year’s Naadam is unique because of the COVID-19 disrupting normal life everywhere. The Government decided that there would be no spectators this year. All the events would be shown online and on TV. The video above is the opening ceremony of the Naadam:

4:13 The Honor Guard brings in the 9 white banners.

7:18 the President of Mongolia gives the speech. Please note that the President is traditionally walking on a felt carpet.

11:50 the National Anthem

21:09 The Hu band is performing a song

26:19 Ariuna, singer is performing a Kalmyk song

20:21 Tsam dance, traditional Buddhist religious dance

33:18 Durvud song (36:45 Inner Mongolian wrestling dance is shown )

38:39 Uriankhai song by Saraa.

40:21 Shaman dancing

44:26 Mongolian song

47:26 Buryad song

Naadam is a celebration of nomadic culture and diversity of our people. Songs and dances from different ethnicities are performed to honor our traditions and highlight our background. All the performers are wearing clothes representing different cultures and traditions. The opening event also depicts the sporting events that are to be held shortly: the wrestling, archery, horse racing and anklebone shooting.

Happy Naadam

photo credit:

A Mongol from the land of Blue skies. www.mongoliaFAQ.COM

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